Speeding car accident kills teenagers

Speeding car accident kills teenagers

San Jose, Calif. — A speeding car caused the death of two teenagers in a speeding late Saturday night in a horrible mishap in San Jose when the crashed into a tree.

Police said that two young people died in San Jose late Saturday night after their car crashed into a tree.

San Jose police spokesperson, Jason Dwyer said officers answered a 911 call involving a Ford 1999 Contour that crashed along Chynoweth Ave. along Derek Drive at about 11:55 o’clock in the evening.

The Ford crashed into a tree at the median divide at Chynoweth Ave, A the time of the crash, the car was carrying five males.

According to the police, the driver, age 19, was pronounced dead at the scene; while one passenger, age 16 was transported to the hospital where he expired at 2:00 o’clock in the morning.

Three other passengers sustained injuries but are now listed under stable condition.

Based on a prelim investigation, the car was running at top speed going west along Chynoweth Ave. when it hits the tree.

Police said that no other vehicle was involved in the crash.

San Jose police is trying to determine if drugs or alcohol played an important rol in the crash.Family members confirmed identified the two victims as Fabian Perez, age 19 and Salvador Fernandez, age 16.

Saturday night, friends and family gathered at the site of the crash and they were all devastated of the tragedy.

Nannies Munoz, who is Fernandez’s cousin, said that they could hardly believe that it happened. She stated that Salvador was an only child and he was always making others laugh with his antics.

Neighbors around the area said they could hear the teenagers screaming for help after the crash.

Police reported that the crash caused three other male passengers to be ejected from the car and all of them suffered critical injuries, but they are expected to survive. No other vehicles were involved.

Neighbors commented that cars often speed down this street and visibility is a very poor as there are only few street lights.

Authorities confirmed that there were five male teens inside the car with ages ranging from age 16-19. The driver who was only 19 expired at the scene while another16-year-old passenger succumbed to his injuries a few hours after admittance to the hospital.

Lt. Kevin Aburzzini mentioned that the other three also suffered critical injuries.

A resident in the neighborhood Kevin Mayes said that he often saw cars traveling through that road at a high speed rate. He reported that people come down here racing all the time. He knew that one day an accident is inevitable. Last night, it really happened when he heard the emergency vehicles and there had been a bad accident. Their worst expectations were realized  as two young men lose their lives.

The family members of the victims were so devastated of the crash.

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