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Speed traps in Los Angeles

Speed traps in Los Angeles

Road warriors of Los Angeles found new arms in their armory: a map showing the location of 20 top intersections where speeding tickets are being issued by LAPD during 2012.

Road warrior, David Goldstein was able to get the data on the locations where LAPD issued speeding tickets; there are around 43,426 in all.

They have noted that the worst intersection for speeding tickets was at Coliseum St. and La Brea Ave. which was pointed out at the bottom of a hill. This is an ideal place as motorists most likely to pick up speed. In 2012, LAPD officers issued around 1,605 speeding tickets near the area. The second speeding ticket prolific place was the intersection of Canton Dr. and Laurel Canyon Blvd. where 1.214 tickets were issued. The third risky area was corners Collins St. and Woodman Ave. that garnered 1,055 tickets.

Capt. Brian Johnson of the LAPD defended the traffic taking advantage of the laws of physics in places where speeding tickets were issued to drivers. In an interview, he said that officers are trying to educate the motorists by issuing citations.

This piece of information will be of interest to drivers as they are provided a clue where speed traps are concealed: (10) Los Angeles 1-5 SB or at Golden St. Frwy / Santa Ana/– This 17 miles stretch is about18-minute trip and on weekday afternoons, it is around 50 minutes; (9) Chicago 1-90 and 1-94 WB or Dan Ryan/Kennedy Expy  – Many commuters from Chicago waste about one work week (5 days) every year in traffic along this popular road to O’Hare Airport; (8) Los Angeles 1-405 NB or San Diego Fwy (L.A.: I-405 NB)  – This is a 13-mile stretch up going towards the Getty Center Drive. It takes only 40 minutes at a crawl speed of 20 mph.; (7) New York: I-278 WB or Brooklyn Queens Expressway – It is almost one hour to travel this 10- mile highway during an evening commute on a weekday; (6) New York: I-495 EB or Long Island Expy  – More than half-hour per day is wasted by New Yorkers along an evening commute in traffic on the L.I.E; (5) L.A.: CA-91 EB or Riverside Fwy – Drivers are wasting around six days yearly in this traffic jam packed road; (4) L.A.: I-10 EB or Santa Monica Fwy – It takes drivers to more than an hour to drive this15-mile stretch along Lincoln Blvd. to Alameda; (3) New York: I-678 SB or Van Wyck Expy  – Between 4:00 to 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon on Thursdays, drivers are slowly driving a speed of 10 mph, so it consumes nearly 40 minutes to travel a 6 mile-distance; (2) L.A.: I-405 SB or San Diego Fwy– Both directions of the roads are always jammed; in fact, 405 is LA’s worst freeway. It takes more than 80 minutes on weekdays to travel 8.1 miles to Mulholland; (1) New York: I-95 SB or Cross Bronx Expy – For drivers this is the worst highway of New York. Six days each week is wasted on the traffic.

Now that you know where LA’s speed traps are, will you change the way you drive?

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