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Crown Prince caught speeding in California

Crown Prince caught speeding in California

Norway’s crown prince was driving along the coastal highway at top speed of 55 MPH as he travelled on its straight sections south of Half Moon Bay, the speed of the Norwegian royalty was caught by the radar of the police as he was driving with a 70mph speed. Suddenly he and his NRK crew were facing the police.

The California Highway Patrol always ask driver to present their license and car registration in any traffic violation.

Prince Haakon who is the crown Prince of Norway was feeling very nervous in being arrested as an NRK camera placed on the car’s windshield was continually rolling. His aide, Brenner commented that he thinks the crown prince was not really overspeeding.

The police officer ordered them to get out with their hands up. I was an awkward moment to wait for the police officer to decide their fate.

The prince car was being followed another carrying security guards for they were the crown prince own police force from Norway. The men of NRK said that they told the officer that he was arresting the crown prince of Norway. The prince was speeding above the required range in the highway so he was made to pull over like ordinary motorists.

It was a good and diplomatic gesture that the police escort of Prince Haakon did not involve themselves in the pull over. They just kept quiet and did not give any advice to the police that he should allow the Prince to go. California officer decided not to give the Prince a citation or fine but just a warning that he keep his speed closer to 55 than to 70 and to be careful since other police officers might not be so forgiving.

Relationship between nations is an important part of keeping their cordial relationship. The traffic incident was kept confidential until the scheduled day for the airing of Crown Prince Haakon documentary as he reached midway towards inheriting the monarchy. It was recalled that King Harald, his father, was also guilty of speeding in their city when he was still the crown prince but was pardoned by his father, the late King Olav. Since the king has immunity; it means that the only person the crown prince is legally answerable is the king.

It is one of the difficult tasks of California police officers each time they used their own discretion in giving judgment to cases of traffic violations. Although traffic rules and practice are different from state to state; but in the state of California, the Highway Patrol is known for being both diligent and reasonable on the road. In the kingdom of Norway, the police do not make any personal consideration but they would immediately cite and fine any motorist caught speeding or violating their traffic laws. The usual fine is NOK 4,900, unless the driver is the crown prince.

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