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Breaking speeding habit in Las Vegas

Breaking speeding habit in Las Vegas

Many motorists headed for Southern California have the tendency to step the engine to top speed as they thread the incline towards I-15 going along the Nevada border.

Once they are nearing Nevada, they will that the two-lane highway splits into four lanes. Many motorists will now accelerate the 80 MPH speed to 90, then 100 and much faster. As motorists drive along the 26 miles between Primm and the Strip’s southernmost tip, most drivers are running in triple-digit velocity. It is on record that the average speed for vehicles made to pull over is 95 mph beyond and noting that the posted limit to the lane is only 25.

A few years back, Lamborghini was apprehended for going 187 mph. A framed copy of the ticket issued is displayed in the trooper’s office.

Jon Klassen, who is the current deputy chief for the Clark County Fire Department, said that motorists feel the need to rush especially at sunset. As drivers descended drive the Mountain Pass, your heart is elated by the lights on the Nevada side. The road is wide open and so distance that operators want the vehicle to fly.

However, the Highway Patrol of Nevada is immune and getting tired of thrill riders that messed up the flow of interstate for hours and often end with wrecked cars and tangled bodies.

Troopers have put up a sign that drivers breaking the speed law, or even a minor infraction of the vehicle code, as changing lanes without signaling; they will be asked to pull over and issue a ticket.

This is part of the “zero tolerance” program initiated by the department which is focused at the interstate from staring from Primm down to the Spa M Resort Casino at the southern end of the Strip. The program was launched last January, where they displayed huge freeway message ads announcing the program. They aimed to catch motorists to change their bad habit of way drive that stretch.

Almost every day, Vegas welcomes visitors coming from Southern California and they realized too late that it was very expensive to be caught speeding on the Nevada highway.

Consider paying tickets for going over the 70-mph limit that starts at the cool sum of $190 and increases to a total of $300 court costs or it could even be more. Those who are over speeding egregiously are charged fines of around $600. Drivers apprehended for a speed of 120 mph or higher face a reckless-driving charge and a fine of $1,500.

Hixson stressed that the program is not intended to increase their coffers but saving more lives along the highway. Last year, there were 17 fatalities  between Barstow and the Nevada border, with the current year data equal to that mark,

As of date, troopers have issued around 8,000 citations for the period comparable to the 6,000 issued in 2012. In this year, only one fatal crash happened on the highway, compared to the four that happened in the early part of last year.

Just recently, Trooper Nate Peterson was sitting along the I-15 in his blue cruiser without light bars for camouflage. With his radar gun switched on for just a minute, a minivan bound for Las Vegas just whizzed past with a 94 mph.speed.

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Source: Articles LA Times


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