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DUI Attorneys

DUI Attorneys

A nationwide crackdown on drunk driving means you will likely be facing the harshest penalties under the law if you’re charged with a DUI. When your freedom is on the line, you’ll need a strong defense, and no one can build one better than an experienced DUI attorney.

Our traffic lawyers have represented clients who have been charged with:

These serious charges require the most experienced representation to keep you from life-altering consequences. The penalties for DUI could include losing your license, mandatory counseling, fines, restitution, probation and jail. Don’t risk these penalties without consulting a lawyer.

A qualified DUI attorney knows there are alternatives, even when the situation seems dire. You’ve still got rights after you’ve been charged with DUI – including the right to hire a lawyer. Stand up to police officers and prosecutors by having a DUI attorney defend you from DUI/DWI charges.

A DUI attorney can help you through all steps of the conviction process. From your first appearance in court when you are officially charged with a crime, a DUI attorney is an important resource. A lawyer can help you exercise your rights, sort through the evidence against you and conduct an independent investigation to find mistakes in the case against you.

If you’ve been convicted and are facing potential job loss, jail time or fines, a lawyer can look to sentencing alternatives as a possible option for getting your life back together. A DUI lawyer can also help with getting your record expunged in some cases if a reckless decision from long ago is having an impact on your livelihood.

Whatever part of the process you’re going through – if you’ve been held overnight in jail and are required to appear in court for the first time, or if you’ve just been informed of the severe sentence the prosecution will be asking for – a DUI attorney is ready to tackle your case and lessen your penalties.


Police make all sorts of mistakes during the DUI process. A qualified DUI attorney will know how to challenge certain factors in your case that could get your charges dismissed or reduced.

In many cases, the main piece of evidence the prosecution will have is the result of a roadside test. But when it comes to breathalyzers, field sobriety tests, chemical and even blood tests, this evidence is notoriously unreliable. It is often possible to challenge results as inaccurate, and a DUI attorney will know what factors to look for that can weaken the case against you.

A lawyer can also determine if police did not follow proper procedure after they pulled you over or arrested you. Failure to read you your Miranda rights, for example, would be a mistake in the arrest process. The results of any roadside sobriety test the police made you go through could also be challenged.

A qualified DUI lawyer will go over the case against you with a fine-tooth comb in order to find weaknesses and exploit them to your advantage. When you risk severe consequences as a result of a DUI charge, you should seek a skilled lawyer known for success.




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