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Chief Keef pays $531 to settle speeding ticket

Chief Keef pays $531 to settle speeding ticket

Celebrities often make good or bad news. Take the case of Chief Keef, a popular rapper, who is making news again. Thankfully this time, it is for abiding the law.

Keith Cozart, aka Chief Keef, paid a speeding ticket in the amount of $531 last Monday as fine for driving beyond a 110 mph in his BMW along the Winnetka Rd. at the Expressways of Edens in the morning hours of May 27.

According to Blanca Jara, spokesperson for the Cook County Circuit Court clerk, Cozart stays on conditional discharge until his next court in court scheduled on Dec. 12. Aside from paying his fine, the judge also placed him under probation for the next18 months and he is ordered to perform 60 hours of community service and undergo drug testing at any time. Lastly, he also must attend eight hours of traffic school. All these measures are given so Chief Keef will always remember to obey traffic laws.

For the last few months, Cozart, who will turn 18 on Aug. 15, has had embroiled in several legal scrapes like other celebrities who are depending on their money and lawyers to get them off the hook.

On the day that he acknowledge his guilt to speeding, last June 17; Cozart was also served  his 2nd paternity suit; aside from a charge of illegally entering his former residence- the apartment complex in the apartment at South Side Parkway Garden. He has a 1st paternity case, which is pending, claimed last December by another woman.

August of last year, Chief Keef was arrested for possession of illegal drug cannabis possession in  . Two months ago, he was caught smoking marijuana at a posh suburban hotel in Atlanta.

Regarding the Miami Beach incident, police reported that Cozart was apprehended riding in a stolen Ferrari red convertible while he was celebrating his 17th birthday. According to the report filed by police, he told them what he was not carrying any weapon only weed inside his right front pocket.

An arrest warrant will be coming soon to Cozart for failure to show up in court after he was in the Chicago jail for violating his probation from a gun conviction.

Police said that on May 20, they arrested Cozart was arrested at the posh Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter Hotel in Dunwoody, Ga. According to a police report, security officers noticed a marijuana smell inside the room and called police, who arrested him for disorderly conduct.

Last Monday, after settling his speeding ticket for going more than 110 MPH, Rapper Chief Keef left the Cook County Courtroom lighter by $531 in the pocket.

Keith Cozart aka Chief Keef pleaded guilty to the May 27 road incident that happened in suburban Northfield.

Until December 12, the court ordered that Cozart will be under conditional discharge so he can attend completely traffic school, take random drug testing and do community service for 60 hours. For the next 18, he will also remain on probation.

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