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New Driving Laws in Florida effective July 1 2013

New Driving Laws in Florida effective July 1 2013

On July 1, 2013, Governor Rick Scott signed several new driving laws that are as follows:

1. Red light cameras-There will be few changes effective on the way this type of ticket will be handled: Instead of the previous 30 days to pay up, 60 days is the time given which you are allowed to make payments.You do not delay now by making sure your calendar clearly marks the date of payment. Make your appeal within the municipality where your license plate number was shot by the camera. If you do not settle the fine, you will have no alternative but pay just the same and additionally pay court costs up to $250

2. Texting while driving- Do not ever text while on the wheels. If you get caught by an officer for this violation, you will be getting two tickets for primary offense and a secondary offense for texting. Texting has a $30 fine plus court costs. If you commit the same offense within 5 years, your fine will be double aside from getting 2 points on your driver’s license if you are seen texting within a school safety zone or if you meet an accident.

If you are involved in a wreck and a passenger, nearby driver, bystander or the police saw you texting before the crash, you will be hit with the secondary charge. Drivers of trucks, operators of commercial vehicles and drivers of busses have to face stricter laws for regarding texting and talking on the mobile if it is not a wireless device. Even the vehicle in front of your truck can stop you and fined as a primary offense. Also your company can be penalized also. The amount of your first fine is $500 and your company is fined $2750. For your third ticket, you will be paying the amount of $2,750 out of your earnings and your license suspended for around120-days. Your company will face $11,000 in fines.

3. Flashing your headlights to warn others of a speed trap A judge says it is OK as this is not a violation of your right to communicate. Just hope that all the police departments know this and don’t issue a ticket still.

4. School BusesThey are allowed to exceed a speed of 55 MPH but must follow the speed limit of the road they are driving.

5. Driving wheelchair on roadwayWheelchairs are allowed to pass on sidewalks but on special cases when there are obstacles, they are allowed to go around and the operator of the wheelchair may pass on the road itself for a short while and then go back to the sidewalk after the hindrance has passed.

6. Driving too slowly- It is presumed that there is a ticket for driving too fast but in Florida if you drive slower than10 MPH than the posted speed limit sign you can be ticketed. This is the same in all roadways having two or more lanes going in the same direction on a four- lane highway. You need to move your slowly moving driven vehicle away from the left lane and go to the right lane so that faster moving vehicles can pass. If you do not follow the direction, you get a $60 ticket and 3 points on your driver’s license plus  don’t forget your insurance hike. If you are about to make a left turn, you can go a bit slower.

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