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Insurance Issues

Insurance Issues

Dealing with your car insurance company is rarely fun. Car insurance can quickly seem like more of a burden than a benefit when a provider isn’t treating you fairly.

Whatever your car insurance issue, a skilled traffic defense attorney can come in handy. Advising your insurance provider to talk to your lawyer sends a signal that you intend to be taken seriously. That’s a good thing when it comes to bargaining for an outcome in your best interests.

Disputes with your car insurance company can happen for many reasons, especially when it comes to filing claims after a car accident. You may feel as if your insurance company is trying to settle with you for less than you are owed.

Unfortunately, that’s usually the case, as insurance providers must balance how much payout they offer to a victim with the need to make a profit. In other situations, it is the car insurance company for another driver who may be attempting to contact you and hassle you into accepting a low settlement.

Examples of car insurance issues could include:

There are many other disputes that can arise with your car insurance company, but no matter what they are, our team of car insurance lawyers guarantees quality representation. An experienced attorney has dealt with complex insurance issues before and knows what resources you have access to in order to recover damages.

Are you facing significant expense because of an issue with your car insurance company? We can help you resolve even the most complicated disputes.


With many providers, there are maximum payouts that will limit how much you can get after a claim. In addition, insurance representatives will attempt to lower your settlement with tactics you may not be aware of, such as using your recorded statements against you or otherwise twisting the facts.

If you’re being offered a settlement that doesn’t cover your expenses and doesn’t reflect the true value of your claim, it’s important to hire a lawyer. A car insurance attorney can help you find other avenues for compensation to pursue, or s/he will fight against your insurance company’s attempts to settle with you for cheap.

A good lawyer knows the difference between a bluff and a final offer. Find out how much you can really get by having our qualified team review your case.

It will be crucial to get an attorney if your claim is denied. Perhaps you have been wrongfully found responsible and your insurance company now refuses to pay, or maybe your insurance company has misinterpreted the details of your claim in order to reject it. There are many ways in which insurance providers will try to toss out a claim.

Make sure you are treated fairly by choosing a lawyer with experience battling against their tactics. Supporting your claim will likely involve a thorough investigation. An attorney can help you collect the evidence you will need by reviewing the police report, analyzing photographs of the property damage, looking at medical reports and consulting with experts.



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