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N Y man ran a stop sign

N Y man ran a stop sign

Elysburg – A man from New York ran a stop sign at Market and Center streets last Wednesday night that resulted to two-vehicle accident, as reported by the Ralpho Township Police.

The erring driver was identified as Michael Dalexis, age 40, and resident of New York. He was operating a Nissan Maxima going west to East Center St. a little after10:45o’clock in the evening when he collided with a Grand Cherokee Jeep driven by 42-years-old Michelle Rollenhagen from Ashland, who was traveling north towards North Market St.

The impact was so forceful that caused the Nissan to hit and shear a utility pole. It was at the front porch of 103 N. Market that the Jeep crashed.

Dalexis was transported to the Medical Center of Geisinger where he was treated for minor injuries and released Friday. He had a young passenger who sustained minor injuries and was also treated at the hospital. Police did not state whether passengers Fabiola Lamarque, resident of Brooklyn, N.Y., and two other juveniles were harmed.

According to the police, Rollenhagen, driver of the Jeep and her twin sister Melissa Rollenhagen who was her passenger sustained injuries and were delivered to the hospital for treatment.

Both vehicles were damaged and were towed out of the site. Early Thursday morning, the utility pole was immediately replaced.

The agencies assisting at the scene were: (1) Elysburg Ambulance; (2) AREA Services; (3) Elysburg Fire Department: and (4) Ralpho Fire Company.

The Vehicle Code of Pennsylvania has established that drivers expect stop signs at intersections. The present code with Title No. 75 was first approved in 1976 and is continually updated by acts of the legislature numerous times. The stop sign rules are included in Chapter 33, contained in subsection No. 3323. Chapter 31 which is the Right is under traffic control devices, but applicable to stop signs as well.

Stop sign first rule is to stop. Vehicle Code of Pennsylvania specified that unless a police officer or authorized officer directed otherwise, a vehicle must halt at the stop line as stated by the stop sign. In the absence of a stop line, the vehicle must stop before getting inside any crosswalk, or at the point nearest to an intersecting road that provides a clear view of coming traffic before getting inside the intersection.

Any possible obstructions to view crossing traffic are taken into account by the statute. If a driver cannot have a clear view of approaching traffic, he can yield to any pedestrian; pull forward slowly until he is able to see oncoming traffic. Drivers still need to yield right of way if first approaching the stop sign.

The right of way is offered by State law to the driver who first arrives at an intersection with stop signs. In case two or more vehicles come at the stop sign close enough that they cannot establish a clear right of way, the state recommends that drivers give right of way to the vehicle to their right.

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