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N.Y. texting fines up to $400

N.Y. texting fines up to $400

Do you know that penalties for using electronic gadgets while driving in New York have been increased? This measure is a move on the state’s efforts to insure safety on the road, as well as a multi-pronged battle on those drivers who send text message and use handheld cell phones. They disregard the implementation of the texting law. Fines have been increased to a maximum of $400 for serial offenders.

New York’s governor and officials initiated the move and they included tougher fines in their 2013-14 state budget. According to NYC governor, they move to increase penalties that will serve as antidote to the frightening epidemic happening on roadways. The increase in traffic fines will serve as an important tool in punishing and preventing this reckless behavior.

Aside from stiffer penalties, they are also adding 5 points to the licenses of violators in the hike of DMV last May. Points are reflected in insurance premiums. New fines approved for distracted driving in New York State:

1. First offense is a minimum fine of $150 and a maximum of $150.

2. Second offense is a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $150.

3. Third offense and subsequent offenses happening within a year and a half is a maximum of $50 to a maximum of $400.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who raised the DMV, points through executive order said that the by combining stiffer penalties on their licenses and increased enforcement, all drivers will start thinking about consequences of distracted driving. Tough increases will send a message to of all drivers that distracted driving is a serious problem with serious consequences.

To strengthen the new measure, Gov. Cuomo is pushing through the Legislature a law providing for the suspension and revocation of driver’s licenses of neophyte drivers who text message while behind the wheel. It is a fact that young drivers are have the tendency to text & drive. Under the law, young drivers who illegally text message will be hit with the same penalties they now face for reckless driving.

New Jersey, its neighboring state, increased its fines for distracted driving earlier this summer. Even the governor from Connecticut has recommended to his legislature to upscale fines and to apply demerit points for violators.

Law enforcement in New York law will be engaged this summer in cracking down distracted drivers. As part of their strategy, officers are using more of their new SUVs, with raised seats that will easily allow them to identify drivers who are using handheld devices. As of 4th of July weekend, State Police were able to issue 486 tickets for texting and cell phone use. The office of the governor stated that they have spent over a $1 million on pursuing distracted drivers.

By July 26, Governor Cuomo confirmed the increased of fines and using a multi-pronged approach to fight this dangerous habit of drivers so they will think twice before using their mobiles while  behind the wheel.

In 2011, Cuomo promulgated that texting & driving subject will be subject to primary enforcement and even added a point against the license of offenders.

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