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Increased surcharges for traffic, parking tickets in New York State

Increased surcharges for traffic, parking tickets in New York State

Kingston – Albany is doing a quiet job of dipping deeper into the pockets of motorists last week increasing fees for parking and traffic violations.

Effective Friday, new fees have a new $25 surcharge on some kinds of parking violations and asked mandatory surcharges for other traffic tickets at $8. The state also increased the cap on the surcharge for an accident with multiple violations from the amount of $180 to $196.

All surcharges and added to the usual fines that are collected by local courts and ultimately fill up the state’s coffers.

Victoria Read, resident of West Shokan who is parking her Kingston where she works, is greatly affected by the new fees on top of the standard fines which she considered excessive. She thinks the amount is outrageous when the place does not even have enough parking spaces.

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo made the announcement that there will be higher fines and penalties to catch motorist’s texting while driving or using a cellphone while driving, the extra fees for traffic tickets also became effective.

Now, a minimum fine of $50 and maximum fine of $150 will be charged for first offense of distracted drivers. For second offenders omitting the same offense within a period of 18 months, the maximum increase will be $200. A maximum fine of $400 will be charged for third violators or more.

According to the new rules, the number of points added to your license for texting while driving or using a cellphone has been increased from three to five points. As soon your point total reaches 11 or more, the DMV informs you that your license is suspended.

There are various fines and other costs in relation with traffic tickets. In most cases, these are called surcharges, but they are also determined by the nature of the violation. The driver received the ticket, and additional factors such as: (1) number of points accumulated; (2) failure to respond and default convictions related to his suspension; (3) driving with a suspended or revoked license; (4) responsibility assessments of driver; and (5) fines and civil penalties.

Aside from these factors, surcharges that are court-related will be variable depending on the court. For instance, a village court might charge more or less than a city court to handle the same type of traffic ticket.

In other words, if you are issued a speeding ticket in Buffalo, you might be paying more or less than another driver issued the same speeding ticket in Long Island.

It is important to check traffic ticket for the exact amount of fine; contact the institution in charge of handling the ticket; this is the place where you were issued the citation, either in TVB or a local court. Inquired from the the clerk about associated surcharges or other fees.

Your points accumulation fines will also be affected: (1) for traffic violations or convictions, you earn six points within an 18-month period and payment of $100 per year for three years; and (2) any more points accumulated during that three-year period, an extra amount of $25 per point for three years must be paid.

A good traffic lawyer can assist you with your case in court in several ways. It is a good idea to engage a skilled ticket attorney when you get a citation.

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