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Speed cameras installed near schools

Speed cameras installed near schools

New York —By the time public schools start on September 9, an initiative have been introduced to discourage drivers from speeding fast near schools.

Last Monday, Michael Bloomberg, NYC Mayor, announced that speed cameras are installed at 20 school city zones. During the meeting held by Legislature of the state last June, they agreed to let have cameras set up near schools as deterrent for speeders.

It is a fact that cameras are recording the speed of every passing vehicle, and the information is used to issue speed tickets.

Police believed that the presence of the red light cameras will slow drivers, though they heard lots of complaints that cameras are acting like electronic cash cows.

President Pat Lynch of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association police union in New York City is opposing the cameras saying that they are not reliable substitute for officers. The devices have no way of telling whether the speeding driver is DUI, is bringing a weapon or is escaping a crime. Speed cameras cost money; a better option would have been to hire and train police officers.

The cameras are to be installed at unspecified areas within a quarter-mile of some schools. The city is given the authority to alter its location from time to time.

Motorists caught on camera to be running 10 or more miles per hour above the speed limit will be given a warning; but the next time, the fine is $50.

A five-year demonstration programme was established by New York City to monitor school speed zones around NYC.

This new law is intended to enhance children’s safety, as well as those of pedestrians. Motorists passing city school speed zones are encouraged to be careful while driving along these areas. Red light cameras are aides to the law enforcement efforts to catch violations and prevent accidents caused by speeding.
The legislation was signed by New York Governor Andrew M Cuomo with the message that he hopes that speeding in school zones that puts children at risk will be prevented as reckless behavior will eventually be caught and punished.

New York City has initially undertaken a pilot program to find out if using speed cameras in school zones is an effective way of preventing accidents and protecting both pedestrians and drivers. The overall intention is to keep school environment safer for the children and pedestrians, not to generate income for revenue.

The good Mayor Michael Bloomberg concluded that innovations introduced in traffic engineering and aggressively enforced by the department are intended to reduce traffic fatalities in New York City. After its installation, road fatalities have reached an all-time record lows in the past decade. However, speeding still remains as one biggest contributing factor in traffic fatalities in New York City. This legislation intends to decrease the number of drivers who speed and it has been proven as a lifesaving measure that is the legislation’s objective.

Taking effect on the 31st of August and duly authorized by New York City, speed cameras are installed in 20 school speed zones at a given time.

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