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Cops stepping up distracted driving patrols in August

Cops stepping up distracted driving patrols in August

When you watch a texting and talking on the phone operator behind the wheel, it brings shivers down your spine knowing that eventually, the driver will likely crash. Driving, like other important tasks, need 100% attention. Do you know that it will only take a few seconds for the situation to change or a dangerto appear? Just like drinking and driving that often end up in a mess; the danger is just as great when the driver is distracted

If the operator is not focused on the driving, he/she will not be able to react safely during those changing conditions. In the year 2010, the cell phone/texting law was considered as a primary violation. Most drivers are aware of the law and its penalty. But sad to say, some motorists choose to ignore the law, convincing themselves that accident by distracted driving will not happen to them. Those with this attitude are not only putting other motorists in danger but also themselves and their families.

Aware of the importance of saving lives on the road and safety driving, Chelan pronounced that the City, County and State law enforcement officers will use the entire month of August to conduct vigorous campaign against distracted driving. They are utilizing extra patrols to look all over the County for violators and will issue tickets to drivers who are distracted.

Penalties are stiffer as the fine for talking on mobile phones that are without hand- free-device or texting while driving is $124. The cost of hurting or killing someone due to distraction cannot be measured in terms of money.

Those drivers with intermediate licenses, except for emergencies are prohibited from using cell phones at all while driving even using a hand free device.

While driving, if an call is important is required; pull over in some safe area and give the mobile your attention. When you are done calling or texting, with the call or text, continue with your driving again and give it your entire attention.

The safety of you and others depends to the highest degree upon a distraction free driving.

An average texting takes your attention away from driving for around 4.6 seconds. At a speed of 55MPH, it is like driving the entire length of a football field with your eyes closed.

Distracted drivers cannot be predicted. They may not follow the right lane; fail to stop at a stop light or stop sign. They have also the tendency to cross the median line and rear-end a vehicle or head on an approaching vehicle. Passengers can protect themselves from distracted drivers by wearing their seatbelt properly every time they are inside a moving vehicle.

Safety for every motorists and pedestrians on the road is in the hand of everyone. If you do your part, you can make the roadways of Washington safer for all. Focus on your driving and buckle up. Keep cell phones and other distracting articles out of view.

By 2030, the goal of Washington is to achieve Target Zero to end traffic deaths and serious injuries.

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Source: Lake Chelan Live


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