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Easton Corbin’s expensive speeding ticket

Easton Corbin’s expensive speeding ticket

Easton Corbin, famous Country singer, promised himself that he would never over speed on the road again after he was fine more a $1,000 for going over the limit on his motorcycle in Illinois two years ago.

The Country star was on his way home to Nashville, Tennessee when police saw him over speeding on a vicinity of a construction zone and asked him to stop.

Corbin remembered that he was going only about 45 or 50 in this construction zone. But by the time, he passed by the semi truck, he was running around 80.

He told interviewer that he had to hire a lawyer to pay his ticket and it ended up that his total expense was more than a thousand bucks. He promised himself that he will never speed again in his life.

Easton Corbin got into a traffic mess was pulled over and issued a speeding ticket.

The incident happened on a freeway when he sped up to overtake a gigantic truck before the two lanes he was transversing merged into one. There was a trooper right at the juncture and because he got issued a ticket for over speeding. Since it was located in a construction zone, his fine was doubled.

The cop came to him and said that he was driving at around 87 MPH in a construction area. He was so shocked that he wanted to cry but the cop said that he could let him off.

He had to hire a lawyer settle his ticket and the conclusion was that he had to spend a thousand bucks. He was about to faint when he heard the amount he was going to pay. He then told himself that he will never over speed again.

Even after two years that Easton Corbin got his ticket, the experience was still fresh in his mind. He had an interview with Radio ABC to talk about a traffic ticket for speeding he was issued in August 2011. According to Corbin who is the All Over the Road singer, he was the victim of circumstance.

He said that when he was passing through the construction site, his speed was only around 45 or 50 MPH but when he was through passing the semi, he started to run at a speed of around 80 and that was what the cop saw.

He said that a speed ticket is very tedious to handle to he got a lawyer to settle the penalty. It cost ended up to around a thousand bucks. So promised himself that he will never speed again in his life.

All Over the Road was his second studio album which was released in 2012. He had other albums which did well and often made it to the top ten.

Easton Corbin is an American country music singer and he was signed to Mercury Records Nashville in 2009 and later released his self-titled debut album in March 2010, featuring songs that became hits. Corbin’s second album had for its title, All Over the Road, which was released during the time when he had his road accident.

Maybe Corbin would be an exception to many singers nowadays who are involved in car accidents as they have money and lawyers to present their cases in court and get away with it.

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