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The 9 worst states for speeding tickets

The 9 worst states for speeding tickets

For would-be travelers during this summer along Interstates 90 or 10, there are nine states along these highways to watch your speed; otherwise you would be digging from your pocket a whooping amount of $1000 for a speeding ticket or at least spend one night in jail.

From an objective point of view, there are around nine states in America that are worst for speeding tickets according to a survey made by Yahoo Autos.

1. Speed tickets are most expensive for first offenders in these states:

The states considered as most expensive for first offenders of speeding ticket are a tie in rating among Illinois, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

In all these five states, first offenders are expected to pay a whopping $1,000 fine and possibly a year jail term. The fine is determined by the discretion of the judge and how many miles per hour you have been ticketed over the speed limit. If you were speeding along a school or construction zone or both; your fine will be double.

2. Most Expensive State to Fight a Ticket:

There is only one state that is most  expensive to fight a speeding ticket and that is Massachusetts, Fight a ticket, no matter how much, you have to pay more than $300 for court fees and even if you win, they are non-refundable.

Back in 2005, motorist Vincent Gillespie got a $15 parking ticket in Northampton, Massachusetts. In order to fight the ticket, Gillespie paid $319.90 in filing fees with the Hampshire County Superior Court, which was non-refundable whether he won his case or not.

His case went to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial court, where Gillespie’s lawyer argued that the fees negated his constitutional right to due process. After strong arguments from both sides; Gillespie lost, he had to pay his fine and his filing fee was not refunded.

3. The worst state with speed traps:

Vermont is one place where you find the worst speed traps. In Vermont, there are lots of routes where speed limits are abruptly reduced and the police are right there waiting for you.

Mt. Tabor located in Route 7a in western Vermont has no traffic light. It does have a speed limit sign that says40 mph. If you fail to follow, zealous constable comes driving in a Camaro and note that he gets paid according to the number of tickets he issues.

One constable in the village of Island Pond made national news for he issued 1,100 tickets, with fines totaling $100,000. This amount is a tenth of the entire revenue of the town that year.

4. Most Unmarked State Police Cars:

It is Connecticut; many motorists driving along New England commented that they have never seen a Connecticut State Police car that is fully marked. The reason is that only one is assigned per troop. Apparently, they’re white with yellow and blue markings.

Connecticut is also marked notorious for using unmarked patrol cars on the state highways, like Grand Nationals, Mustangs, Camaros and other non-traditional vehicles.

5. Most Tickets Written:

Washington D.C. is number one state that issued the most number of tickets. With about half a million people residing in D.C., the police is writing more than 430,000 ticket yearly.

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