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Teen traffic education scheduled for September

Teen traffic education scheduled for September

This is good news for parents who worry about their teen’s safety on the road. An Enforcement Mobilization and Education program for teens is set for two weeks starting September 9 and ending on 22.

The seat belt law has been widely disseminated but it is a known fact but teens buckle up far less compared with adults, especially since the last decades. In some Pennsylvania’s regions, teens appeared as the lowest usage group. It is important to make young people be aware that by increasing the use of seat belt, there is the greatest chance in lowering injuries and saving young lives on the road. Attention and resources must be focused on the teen driver and passenger.

House Bill 9, aka “Lacey’s Law,” was passed by Pennsylvania to increase the use of seat belts among drivers under the age of 18 and it goal is ultimately to save young lives. The implementation of the new law has not made any significant reduction in seat belt citations written or belt use. According to this PA Occupant Protection law, it is a primary violation for drivers and passengers under the age of 18 not to employ seat belts. It empowered the traffic officer to ask the driver to pull over only for this violation. The fine if convicted is around $60.00 for teens.

Teen Seat Belt Mobilization will last for two weeks starting 9th of September and ending on the 22nd. It will be participated by more than 220 Law Enforcement agencies. The primary goal of this event is to increase seat belt usage among drivers and passengers under the age of 18 to save young lives. The targeted participants are those youth drivers who are under 18, students on school campuses, those attending youth events, or teens on roadways. The mobilization intends to cover 230 high schools and to get around 200,000 student-participants.

Law Enforcement Agencies for Mobilization will be giving citations for those violating the Seat Belt law. Each participating agency will have (1) to cover at least one Seat Belt Informational Site, on or around the High School Campus; (2) to work hand-in-hand with schools & local media to create public awareness; and (3) then to start enforcement of Teen Seat Belt.

A quality training program for drivers will go a long way in helping your motorists learn the rules of the road and how to safely operate a vehicle. It is also a good way to accelerate the learning process of the teen by bringing in the wisdom of professionals who have trained hundreds or even thousands of other new drivers.

Driver education and driver training provide the foundation for the skills and attitudes teens use for the rest of their lives. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes they learn in driver education/training classes can help them avoid traffic tickets, lower their chances of being involved in accidents, and make them into safer drivers.

Young drivers can take driver education or driver training at any public or private high school or even at a state licensed driving school. Take you time to choose a quality driving school. It must be one focusing on teen’s safety. The least expensive school or even the most convenient or focusing only on passing the driving test is not the school for you.

A good traffic lawyer can assist you with your case in court in several ways. It is a good idea to engage a skilled traffic ticket lawyer  when you get a citation.

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