Driving Points System in Philadelphia

Driving Points System in Philadelphia

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation applies a point system to monitor dangerous drivers and alleviate road safety. To do this, most moving traffic violations are given points; for instance, running a stop sign costs three points. When six or more points are accumulated, the state starts to impose high costing penalties that will cause a dent in your wallet and limit your mobility.

Another penalty will come from your car insurance company who upon notification that you have gained significant number of points will hike your insurance premium. When you are listed by the car insurance industry as a dangerous driver due to your points, your driving image is tarnished for life.

Drivers under the age of 18 who top the six-point total or arrested exceeding the speed limit by 26 mph or more will have their license suspended for at least 90 days. An add-on is the requirement to pass a written test about road safety issues. If you are nabbed a second time, your suspension will be for 120 days.

For getting a first time topping six points, you will be required to pass a written exam based on several issues as (1) safe driving practices; (2) department sanctions; and (3) other related safety topics. If you fail the exam, within 30 days, your license will be suspended so you retake the exam until you pass.  If you pass this test within the designated 30 days, two points will be deducted from your driving record.

For getting six points the second time, you are ordered to appear a PennDOT department hearing. Failing to do so means a 60-day immediate driving suspension. At the hearing, your record will be reviewed by an examiner.

If you so decide, you will be given a 15-day suspension and be required to pass a special on-road driving examination. If you pass the test within 30 days or after you serve your suspension, two points are deducted from your driving record.

If you have acquired topping six points for three or more times, you will get a notification from PennDOT department to attend a hearing. In the hearing, an examiner will look over your record and determine whether to will be imposed a 30-day suspension. If you fail to appear, your license will be immediately be suspended that remains until you attend a hearing.

If you are caught over speeding, you get be required to attend a mandatory hearing. Failure to do so will immediate imposed a 60-day suspension. In the hearing a department examiner will either give you a 15-day suspension or take a special on-road test. Five points will be added to your license with no good behavior opportunities to remove it.

Check your driving record of the number of points as this gives dire consequences like: (1) increased insurance premiums; (2) harder time getting a job; and (3) even license suspension.

Do not take points in Pennsylvania for granted. Use your best efforts to avoid getting and keeping points on your driver’s license. Find measures to have points in your driver’s license reduced.

A good traffic attorney can assist you with your case in court in several ways. It is a good idea to engage a skilled traffic ticket attorney  when you get a citation.

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