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Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving

If you get charged with reckless driving, the punishment could be severe. You’ll be branded as a dangerous driver if you get convicted  – but your wallet won’t be the only thing you’ll have to worry about. Skyrocketing insurance, loss of driving privileges, probation and even a criminal record could all be consequences of this crime.

When you’re facing this serious charge, a qualified lawyer can shield you from the consequences with an aggressive defense.


A reckless driving charge is typically defined as “willful disregard for the safety of other motorists on the road.” It is considered to be a serious traffic violation, and the law allows for harsh penalties. The prosecution and the judge may choose to seek the maximum punishment in order to send a message about the consequences of dangerous driving. This could include automatic suspension of your driver’s license, large fines, and a misdemeanor conviction on your permanent record.

Drivers can be accused of reckless driving in a wide variety of situations. The most obvious is when they were travelling well over the speed limit. Other times, police tack on reckless driving charges in addition to other offenses, such as DUI, so that prosecutors will be able to ask for a harsher sentence under the law.

Whether you’re facing multiple citations or just one, our traffic attorneys will pay special attention to your case and offer you personalized solutions for how to beat the charges or reduce the penalties.

We know that some drivers accused of reckless driving are completely innocent. Because of the many cases we’ve successfully handled before, we also know what it will take to defend you. According to the law, prosecutors will have to prove that you knew the consequences of driving dangerously and did it anyway.

In many cases, however, factors such as a lack of posted speed limits or a car that takes some distance to slow down because of the brake system or road conditions could be a ready defense. By pointing out mistakes made by police and prosecutors, and holes in the case against you, a lawyer can give you a fighting chance of beating this charge and the consequences that come along with it.


Being labeled a dangerous driver could have adverse consequences outside of the courtroom. If the charge is considered a misdemeanor, a permanent criminal record could result. You can be sure your insurance provider will consider it when deciding how much you should pay each month for car insurance. That could lead to financial hardship, especially if you’re already on the hook for fines after a reckless driving conviction.

Without a lawyer, you risk harsher penalties – especially if it’s not the first time you’ve faced a traffic violation. If you’ve got other tickets or dangerous driving charges on your record, the judge probably won’t take it lightly. That means you could be facing a stiff sentence.

Adding more offenses to your driving record could also cost you a fortune in insurance payments, and not to mention, might keep you off the road altogether. Don’t risk skyrocketing insurance costs and the loss of your driving privileges – hire a lawyer to handle your case.  A lawyer can work toward getting your penalties reduced, in particular if you’ve already got a blemished driving record.

A qualified attorney can quickly help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars by arguing for lower fines. A lawyer can also discover if some punishment alternatives might be available to you – defensive driving courses instead of losing your license, for example. Taking a written test instead of paying huge fines could also be an option.

A lawyer can help keep you from losing your license if you’re a repeat offender. It’ll also be worth it to know you’ll still be allowed to drive instead of risking the loss of your license, a criminal record or a substantial fine.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a reckless driving charge isn’t all that serious. The police, the prosecution and the judge certainly won’t. With each offense, the punishments just get harsher.

You could cause a lot of damage to your record – and to your wallet –if you are found guilty of violating the law because you didn’t hire a lawyer. Whether you plan to plead “not guilty” or you want to protect yourself from harsh punishment, you need to have a strong case. No one can build one better than an experienced reckless driving defense lawyer.






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