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Red Light Ticket

Red Light Ticket

Whether you got pulled over right away for running a red light or you received a ticket in the mail courtesy of a red light camera, a traffic ticket attorney is your resource for avoiding hassle and expense.

In this era of budget shortfalls, local governments are turning to revenue from traffic violations. Police officers are writing more tickets than ever and judges are setting heavier fines. Nowhere is this more evident than with excessive tickets for running red lights.

Red light cameras are now a staple at many intersections to supplement the revenue stream. These cameras are notorious for indiscriminately sending out citations to drivers who simply rolled through the white line or stopped an inch too far into the intersection.

Unfortunately, those drivers will still have to fight the charge and prove their innocence. No matter what the circumstances of your red light ticket are, don’t get ripped off. A red light defense lawyer can spare you the headache of dealing with a traffic citation.


Drivers are wrongfully accused of running red lights all of the time – especially when faulty red light cameras are to blame. When a vehicle rolls to a stop too far into the intersection or simply requires a longer distance to stop because of bad brakes, a driver can quickly wind up getting a citation for a red light violation.

An experienced red light citation lawyer can help you explore the defenses that might be available for you to avoid getting points on your record or having to pay huge fines. Depending on your case, it could include:

There are many other arguments a skilled red light attorney can use on your behalf when defending your interests. Find out your legal strategy by consulting with an experienced traffic ticket attorney as promptly as you can after you’ve been accused of running a red light.


Some drivers might think that getting caught for running a red light isn’t all that serious, but the truth is that every traffic violation can have a negative impact on your future. You should always challenge traffic tickets in an effort to avoid these consequences, but doing it on your own will be difficult.

Drivers often don’t have access to the right evidence that can prove their innocence or lessen their penalties for a red light citation. They also aren’t familiar with the prosecutors or their methods. An experienced traffic ticket lawyer can deal with all aspects of fighting a red light citation quickly and efficiently.

If you don’t dispute your red light ticket soon after receiving it, you could lose your right to challenge it completely. A red light citation attorney will make sure your legal rights are respected. Even though a traffic citation for running a red light isn’t as bad as a more serious charge like DUI, you don’t want to be automatically punished. You still have to be proven guilty before you face fines and driving points on your record.

A traffic ticket lawyer can challenge the police and the prosecution’s case against you with proven tactics and legal strategies that you don’t know exist.

The ultimate reason to consult with a red light citation attorney is because of the threat a driving citation represents to your wellbeing. If you have a flawless driving record, a traffic citation will tarnish it – and your car insurance company is all but guaranteed to raise your rates.

If you’ve already been found guilty of previous traffic violations, a red light citation will add yet more penalties to the list. Too many tickets mean you could be risking your right to drive at all. You want to protect yourself from astronomical car insurance premiums and from losing your driving privileges by fighting every ticket. Traffic ticket lawyers get charges dropped or lowered day in and day out. That’s why an attorney should be your choice for resolving your red light citation.





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