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Speeding Tickets

Speeding Tickets

Looking to beat a speeding ticket? Look no further – our qualified traffic ticket attorneys can save you money and hassle.

In this day and age, law enforcement and governments are turning to vigorous ticket-writing as a way to balance budgets. As a result, local governments are sometimes making millions off of even careful drivers. With speed traps and traffic cameras now commonplace, it’s no wonder that drivers simply trying to go about their day are the new cash cow for municipalities.

As a taxpayer, you deserve to be treated better. Fight back against the system by hiring a lawyer to defend you when you’re facing a huge fine as a result of a speeding ticket.


Long after you’ve been found guilty of a traffic violation, you’ll be paying for it. If you’ve been clocked going a few miles over the speed limit, you could be facing hefty fines and points on your driver’s license, which could lead to increased insurance premiums. That means a citation will cost you much more than the amount the judge decides in your case.

The costs you’ll be facing will be much higher when you factor in how much more your insurance will be if you’re found guilty. You could be forking over extra money for months or even years until your insurance provider no longer deems you a “high-risk” driver. For many otherwise law-abiding drivers, this can be a real financial burden.

A speeding ticket is especially serious if it’s not the first time you’ve been caught. The penalties are harsher with each citation on your record – in both the courtroom and outside of it. Judges aren’t likely to treat repeat offenders kindly.

For some drivers, too many speeding tickets could lead to the loss of driving privileges or getting kicked off your insurance policy altogether. You don’t want to risk the damage to your wallet and to your driving record by failing to consult with an experienced speeding ticket lawyer.


Even if you’re an otherwise careful driver facing your first speeding ticket, a lawyer can save you precious time and may be able to keep you from facing the maximum penalty for the offense. Competent traffic lawyers know the system. Because of the cases they’ve handled in the past, and a familiarity with judges and prosecutors in traffic court, attorneys can quickly point to problems in the police report, in the prosecutor’s case and even problems with the road – such as lack of signs or the tendency for law enforcement to use certain areas as a speed trap.

You likely won’t have access to this sort of information at your fingertips, but a qualified lawyer will. In some cases, this means you won’t ever have to go to court – your lawyer will resolve your ticket for you. In other cases, a well-connected lawyer who knows the judge will help lessen your penalties. You don’t have to become an expert on traffic court or the legal system. An attorney can handle most of the process for you, freeing up your time from having to attend hearings or appear before a judge.

If this is one of many speeding tickets you have received, hiring an attorney will be more important than ever. The consequences for repeat offenders are serious indeed. If you face a judge known for being strict, getting found guilty of multiple speeding tickets could even keep you from driving for a long time.

We will give your case all the attention it deserves to make sure you’ll be able to stay on the road when the speeding ticket process is over. There are many ways a qualified speeding ticket lawyer will be able to assist you if you’re facing possibly harsh consequences after a speeding ticket or multiple traffic violations.

A lawyer can outline potential alternatives to the punishment you could be facing, dismantle law enforcement’s case against you by pointing to flaws in procedure, or resolve your issue before you face any inconvenience at all. For many drivers, hiring a speeding ticket lawyer is a money-saving move, a means of avoiding stress and a way to save time.

Police are writing more tickets than ever, and judges are increasingly calling for hefty fines. Fight back against the system of collecting huge fines to shore up the budget. Don’t pay a dime more than you have to with the help of a speeding ticket lawyer. 

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