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Traffic tickets not monkey business

Traffic tickets not monkey business

Officer Keith Moore, age 21-year-old Aransas Pass traffic cop, recorded the unusual incident on a video camera attached to his glasses. As he was issuing a traffic ticket to the driver, pet monkey of the driver bit his hand.

According to the policeman, the monkey just appeared from somewhere in the car during the incident that occurred that Wednesday. The bite left a mark, but there was no injury.

The police asked you to pull over for a traffic violation; some drivers would even argue that they were not speeding or you did not run that traffic light. But here is an interesting tip that drivers must know.

Information obtained from an internal memo of Fort Worth Police Department showed that some officers who are part of a program for special enforcement that is financed by a fed grant and managed by the state have a quota of making four traffic stops every hour.

Although it is illegal for Texas police to have a traffic ticket quota, the Fort Worth PD is running a quota system.

Informant stated that Fort Worth Police Department gets around the quota system by calling citations as contacts but officer working under the grant knows what contact means.

Known as STEP, the FWPD is one of Texas many law enforcement agencies that is a participant in the Selected Traffic Enforcement Program.

It was known that the Police Department in Dallas’ recent step grant amounted to more than $1 million. Dallas police refused to answer if they maintain a quota on ticket writing.

However, the I-Team was able to obtain a number of exclusive internal memos of the Fort Worth police that instructed its officers to issue four traffic contacts every hour.

Police patrol officers participating in the STEP program receive overtime pay funded by the grant.

A veteran officer told the I-Team that the three officers that issued the most number of tickets by the end of the grant period will receive a trophy and a letter of appreciation for being the top producers.

Fort Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead spoke for the department that not answer questions about a quota system because there are pending court cases against several officers accused of falsifying information on traffic tickets.

The Texas DOT also declined to an interview on camera and instead issued a statement which said in part that TxDOT has never at anytime required its individual officer to issue a specific number of citations during any specific enforcement period.

One lawyer who was formerly a county prosecutor said that a quota system on the issuance of traffic tickets is a disruption of a person’s individual liberty.

After stepping out of his office to take care of a speeding ticket he does not think he deserved, another lawyer from Fort Worth is beginning to wonder if he is a victim of a police quota system.

He said that the department needs to take a look to correct and fix this problem, for my sake of everybody who is issued a traffic ticket in Fort Worth.

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