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Texas Police Officer’s brutality to female pedestrian

Texas Police Officer’s brutality to female pedestrian

An illustration of police brutality was the ticket of a Texas police officer to jail after he assaulted Alexis Alpha, age 22, who rudely walked by the scene of his traffic stop.

Due to the brutal action of the officer, Alpha had head concussion and a number of missing teeth. This terrible ordeal will surely traumatized the young woman for the rest of her life.

It was during his midnight shift that Cpl. James Angelo Palermo, age 40. ordered a Toyota Prius to pull over for traveling at the wrong way of a one-way street. This was around 1:00 o’clock in the morning of May 29.

Female pedestrian Alpha passed by his traffic stop and Cpl. Palermo questioned why she was walking by his stop. He then asked for her identification.

After Alpha answered that she was not doing anything wrong, she told the officer that he must be having a really bad day and called him . Infuriated the Cpl. started to take sudden action by slamming her against the Prius as she fell onto the concrete.

He arrested her and filed the following charges: (1) obstruction, which is a third degree felony; (2) resisting arrest which is a Class A misdemeanor; and (3) public intoxication, which is a Class C misdemeanor.

Penny Dunn who is the Police Commander stated that Alpha has not committed any of the crimes; she added that Cpl. Palermo had no valid reason to detain Ms. Alpha as there was no probable cause to arrest her for any offense.

Cmdr. Dunn continued that Alpha did not have any contact with the Prius’ driver or Cpl. Palermo. She was not even looking at them as she passed by and did not make any suspicious actions, movements or comments that would show that she was just an ordinary passerby and has no business with whatever business was going on between driver or Cpl. Palermo.

Once the supervisors of Palermo studied the case, Alpha was released but it was a surprised to know that her charges were not dropped. She will have a day in court on the 2nd of August.

Cpl. Palermo is considered a veteran as he was with the Police Department of San Marcos for13 years. On July 16, he was arrested for charges of aggravated assault by a public servant.

The SMPD issued this statement regarding the case of Cpl. James Palermo. He was charged with the following: (1) serious assault causing critical bodily injury done by civil servant; and (2) first degree felony, relating to an incident that happened in May 29 whereby a woman suffered serious injuries during an arrest.

The place of the incident was in San Marcos, Texas which is a well-known college town about 20 miles south of Austin, the home of famous Texas State University.

Howard Williams who is the Police Chief immediately ordered that an indept investigation be made on the offending veteran officer right after the incident took place.

Starting June 10, Palermo was required to take an administrative leave while the investigation of his case was conducted by the County District Attorney’s Office at Hays and by a prosecutor coming from the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

Justice is not blind to Palermo offense as he is currently confined in the County Jail of Hays while awaiting trial. He has bleak expectations: an indefinite suspension without pay and could be imprisoned for a lifetime when found guiltyas charged.

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