Hire a Traffic Lawyer

Hire a Traffic Lawyer

There are states that give considerations to drivers when they face traffic violation. However, the state of New York is not one of them.

A recent study was conducted on how different states approach their motorist. The bad news is that New York was ranked number five as the worst in dealing with drivers. One aspect looked into in the study was in terms of exploitation.  Is the driving public subject to exploitation by traffic authorities? Among factors used in ranking were: existing traffic laws, practices used in the enforcement of these laws and the way defendants are treated in traffic ticket cases.

Other states following the fifth ranking of New York were: New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland and Louisiana. States were considered as least-friendly-motorist if they are installing red light cameras and establishing numbers of speed traps in the city. This is fair warning for those who are planning to drive through The Empire State. Be extra careful!

Due to traffic problems in NYC, there will be a large dent in your wallet and you might go back to your home state almost penniless. Imagine that fines for first offenders in speeding starts from $100 up to $610. If you are unlucky enough to run a red light, shell out between $85 and $235 from your pocket. Excessive speeders who go above 31+ MPH over limit are charged up to $1060.

Once you get a ticket from a state trooper, you will consider that his/her speed reading as correct and immediately settle fine either by post or online. In the same manner, when the red eye sends you by post a photo of your car indicating that you ran a red light, you will consider that the easiest way out was simply to give a plea guilty and pay the fine.

It is true that most people do not want a major hassle as it costs lots of energy; time and money so they are willing to pay the fine. However, if you get the service of a reliable New York traffic ticket attorney, you might realize how easy it is to appeal your alleged violation and even save money in the process.

Find a qualified New York traffic ticket lawyer who can guide you on the best ways to win your case. Once a case is dismissed; your records will no longer be added points and this is extra helpful if you are facing the addition of several points to your driving record. Additional points to your record might end in suspension and increase in the premium of your insurance. If license is suspended, it might end your job as many NY companies require workers to have a New York license. The New York speeding ticket lawyer will give several arguments to prove inaccuracy of camera and speed reading:

1. No sufficient training was given to the police officer using the LIDAR gun so he did not have the skill causing skewed readings.

2. The officer using the VASCAR technology did not have the right technique when using the stopwatch-computer that causes incorrect speed readings.

3. The radar gun used to clock your speed was not recently calibrated and/or its tuning fork was not well maintained so they are not very accurate.

4. The camera was activated when the light turned red giving vehicles fewer than three seconds to pass through during a yellow light.

5. Lastly, there are court cases pending over the inaccuracy of these red light cameras in New York.

Your experienced New York traffic ticket lawyer  will be able to take a good look at the speeding detection equipment and their maintenance records by utilizing the Discovery process. If problems are detected, quick dismissal of the case will follow.


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