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Car Insurance Premiums are affected by Speeding Tickets

Car Insurance Premiums are affected by Speeding Tickets

Most drivers do not realize the difficulty involved in handling a speeding ticket. The payment of the fine does not bring a closure to the case. The issuance of speeding ticket has many dire consequences. One is the number of points added to your driving record; and the second is the increase of insurance premiums even up to 30% for the next 3 consecutive years. It is difficult to determine how much rate will be going up every time you are issued a traffic violation ticket.

Factors considered by insurance companies in increasing their premiums are:

A veteran driver has established long relationship with insurance company. If his record is clean record and for the first time, he was apprehended for driving 15 miles over the speed limit in the area; there is a good chance his premium will not be affected at all. However, if a teen-ager who newly-received his license got excited and drove his vehicle with a speed 30 miles above the limit. He is facing others problems: added points to his records and increased in insurance premium for the coming years.

It is natural for insurance companies to charge high rates when the situation involves high risk. Insurance companies measure risks in terms of dollars. In general, the higher the risk is on their eyes, the higher the cost of premium.

People who find excitement in speeding will even make highways their racing tracks. This is the reason why it is said that speed kills. People who are prone to speeding tend to have multiple speeding tickets. A penalty is given per traffic ticket that may vary in the amount of fines. If you love speed; chances are your insurance rates will continue to be high. It will require years for points to be erased from your license and it will also take years before your premiums go down.

Many cities derived much of their revenues from traffic tickets. Fines collected from speedsters all over the USA add up to billions of dollars every year.

According the reports from prestigious lawyers and reliable news papers in Miami, traffic tickets are really expensive which cost as much as $1000 from start to finish process. For the ordinary worker, the amount is equivalent to a week’s pay. However, many people find it tedious to fight a ticket; in fact, many would just pay the fine thinking that it’s over and done with.

Your insurance premium may not be immediately affected by traffic tickets. In general, they will examine your traffic record every time you are renewing your license and if they observed that you have committed several violations, premiums will usually increase for insurance companies will think of you as a high risk.

In fact, a study conducted by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered that drivers who were issued speed tickets in the past were more likely to get into accidents compared to those without tickets. Therefore, the easiest way not to drive premiums up the wall is to not get a ticket.

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