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Careless Driving in New York

Careless Driving in New York

The issuance of a careless driving ticket in New York does not require you to plead guilty. You have the option to fight the ticket with the assistance of a traffic violation lawyer. This type of driving ticket means that extra points on your license which stays on record. Every18 month period, your license is checked and you have accumulated a number of 11 points, then license is suspended.

To say that you are driving carelessly is confusing as the term covers a number of driving situations. It is very clear when you are issued just because the police officer thought that what you were careless. Because careless driving is subjective; then it gives you the right to spend a day in court with your lawyer fighting your ticket.

What is careless driving?

Careless driving is described as operating a vehicle in an unintentional manner which might lead to hurting a person or damaging property. It is a less serious charge compared to reckless driving as the latter is considered a misdemeanor. An operator drives recklessly when he/she Reckless intentionally huts persons and damage properties. It is the degree of intention that distinguishes the two acts.

Some offense identified as careless driving –

Careless driving can cover any one of the following offenses: Following a car too close; Speeding over the legal limit; not giving the right of way; distracted driving; that is using gadgets or actions that takes eyes off the road; failure to pass properly; driving along/across the center line; changing lanes unsafely; and failing to stop when light is red or in any stop sign

Careless driving ticket can depend on a subjective decision

In New York City, there are many cases of careless driving. In fact, most drivers were able to commit this kind of infringement as they drive across the city. A slight moment of inattention on the road can already be interpreted by arresting officer as careless driving. An issuance of careless driving ticket does not make you a bad driver. Most drivers involved in accidents are charged as careless. If you are issued a ticket in an accident, the decision of being careless depends on the police officer. The validity of his contention is what you will disprove in court by the experienced New York traffic violation attorney.

Observe that any one of the offenses listed above could even mean a reckless driving ticket. It is the personal interpretation of the arresting officer who sees you. Every offense will mean a ticket, requires payment of a fine and points added to your license. NYC-DOT will determine the number of points to be added.

Receiving careless driving ticket specified period to pay the fine. Paying the fine is an admission of guilt and points are immediately added to your license. The best option is to fight the charge by getting the help of an experienced traffic ticket lawyer  in New York. He/she understands the rules and regulations dealing with traffic laws in the State. He or she will walk with you all the way to win your case.


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