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Red light cameras can stop traffic violations

Red light cameras can stop traffic violations

Getting a red light ticket in New York is a possibility in every corner. Condition of traffic can be disastrious and you, as driver under constant pressure from those around you will soon have that ticket in your hands. New York City abounds with red light camera system installed in many corners. Pretty soon, you are going to get a ticket if the camera catches you going through a red light along hundreds of different locations across the city.

NYC authorities are posting the locations of these cameras on their website; so you will know which intersection you will be more cautious. However, it is better to take extra care when approaching an intersection whether there is a red light camera installed in that place or not.

There are two possible ways of getting red light ticket from New York: you got one from a police officer or you were caught by a red light camera. Ticket from an officer means you will face a fine and if convicted, you will also get 3 points added to your license. There are also two conditions your fine depends: (1) the exact location and (2) whether it is a first offense or not. For instance, the fine in upstate New York State, would be less if you were in Brooklyn or anywhere else in New York City

Like parking violations, if you are caught by a red light camera; the ticket is charged to the registered owner of the vehicle rather than the driver. In this case, if you just pay the fine, no extra points will be added to your license.

Stop sign violations

Signs saying stop are important because their locations are on places where safety is the greatest concern. They are often located on intersections and where the vehicles in front of you have the right of way. Common intersection where red light camera is installed: adjacent to schools and along places where pedestrians are crossing. If you are violating a stop sign and are noticed by a police officer, you will be issued a stop sign violation ticket. You will have to pay a fine and be added 3 points on your license as well.

The fine costs an average amount of about a hundred dollars but the amount is dependent upon whether it is  your first offense or not.

Traffic violation affects insurance premium

Any red light or stop sign violation charge has a negative effect in your insurance premium. Insurance companies considered traffic violation as high risk. As a result, you will notice an increase in your insurance premium the next time the installment is due. It could even be more than the fine you paid for the ticket.

Points are accumulative

Your license is subject to points, there will be 3 points added for every red light or stop sign violations and this is allowed to accumulate. If points exceed 10 in any 18 month period in New York State, then you lose your license. Motor Vehicle Department of the state will give the standing points in your license and how much a new ticket will affect your condition.

Use a Traffic Lawyer to help fight your traffic charge

Every 18 months when fines are added up and the result is bad; there are two possibilities: an increased in your insurance premium for the coming years or loss/suspension of license. You should not give a guilty plea – fight and spend a day in court. You cannot do it by yourself, hire an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in New York. Only he or she has the experience and skills to help you get your charge dismissed or the penalties reduced.


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