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It’s Peak Season for Traffic Ticket

It’s Peak Season for Traffic Ticket

Every special event, like the Memorial Day, must be celebrated in the safest possible way. Road travel is a risk with so many motorists on various destinations. Police, all throughout the States, are one in re-enforcing safety and encourage everyone to buckle up. The Seat Belt Law will be strictly observed that most of the law enforcers are expecting to hand out lots of traffic tickets.

Starting the dates from May 20 until June 2, the National Campaign for Seat Belt Enforcement Mobilization is conducted. During this two week period, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is strengthening its campaign; utilizing the Ticket or Clickpromotion as the centerpiece for Memorial Day weekend. State Police from all over the country will be actively handing out citations for violators of Child Restraint and Seatbelt Laws.

The enforcement of traffic laws will be so strict that the local and state police announced that their job of watching all motorists will be 24/7 during the period. NHTSA showed a survey result that men from ages 18 to 34 are the most prone to violate seat belts while drivers and their passengers during nighttime neglect using safety belts.

The two week period from May 20 until June 2 will be the most active period  for the State of Washington in enforcing Traffic Laws. To add more teeth to their campaign, extra patrols from 20 local police departments will be deployed to hand out traffic tickets to violators, including those drivers using cell phones while driving.

DOT of New Jersey agreed to concentrate on adults at the back seat who are sitting pretty but without seat belts. Data from the police stated that 88% of adults seated in front are properly buckled up while the remaining 36% adults seated at the back are unrestraint.

According to the police, this annual aggressive drive focusing on the use of seat belts will be a quickfire money maker as tickets issued will be double.

.Fred E. Zwonechek of NSTSA is looking forward to the double issuance of traffic citations during the two-week campaign. Expected number of tickets issued for over-speeding, driving under the influence, no seat belts and other infringement ranges the amount of 12,000 to 24,000. Zwonechek made a rough calculation that the state will be able to collect around $750,000 to its revenues compared to normal collection of only about $400,000.

Some drivers, however, viewed this campaign more as quick cash grabs and believed the authorities are just wasting their efforts in fulfilling its goal of ensuring traffic safety. But authorities claimed this campaign is their last option to strengthen law enforcement and creating safer roads.

The island of Ocracoke In North Carolina had negative reaction on this safety drive. Many local people showed irritation when a couple of state police showed up and were able to hand out almost five dozens of traffic tickets, almost half were citations for non-wearing of seat belts and five citations for driving under the influence. Next day, their animosity was expressed in action when the police cruiser was splattered with green paint and a hollow block thrown at the back window.

The citizens were very vocal in complaining about a police state, harassment and other undemocratic terms in the presence the police who continued issuing tickets. Many locals felt safer to stay indoors, even tourist decided to stay in their hotels.

According to studies, teenagers are the most common car accident victims due to  distracted driving using gadgets while behind the wheel. Four of the nation’s largest wireless providers came forward and launched a campaign worth millions of dollars to warn young people on the risk of driving while texting.

USA Today came up with the report that there are now 39 states including DC that ban behind the wheel texting. However, it was reported that the incidence of motorists being ticketed while texting is low. The Highway Patrol of North Dakota added that since the law against texting on the road started last August 2011, within more than two-year period, they have only issued around 117 citations.

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