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Red Light Cameras for effective traffic control

Red Light Cameras for effective traffic control

The purpose of red light cameras was to catch   drivers from running a red light. Based on statistics, there are over 800 fatalities annually and more than 200,000 victims injured from accidents due to running a red light. Installed red light cameras will take photos of vehicles that are crossing the intersection when the red light is on. Photos will inform police which vehicle is running when the light says stop.

It is a deterrent for drivers who refuse to follow red lights as the camera monitors the flow of traffic in crossings and intersections and without much ado catches the culprit that is not following the speed limit or driver that does not respect the red light. The photos from the camera are recorded and stamped with the date, time and speed of the vehicle. Having this evidence, the driver is mailed a traffic ticket informing him of his infringement and violation. He is also charge a specific fine that he is required to pay or up for greater penalty.


Red light cameras have been proven very effective in controlling traffic violations and traffic on the road. Studies conducted in Fairfax, Virginia and Oxnard, California was very encouraging. It reflected almost 40% reduction in traffic violations after red light cams were installed in busy roads and intersections. Due to the red eyes, motorist felt obligated to slow down at traffic intersections and only move when the light turns green. The good news is that most motorists do this even without red light camera. This means that to a great extent the purpose of installing the camera was realized. Reports coming from countries around the globe also gave positive reports of traffic after the cameras were installed.

Drop in Right Angle Collisions

There was not much on the status of general accidents taking place in intersections with red light cameras. However, it is a fact that when drivers follow traffic rules, there was very little chance of right angle collisions which usually occur during a red light. Rear-end crashes happened when a driver has to stop suddenly when there is red light; however, it was not due to the red light but rather the driving styles differing among them.

There were a few rear-end crashes that occurred when a driver suddenly stops at a red light but this is attributed to the different driving styles of motorists.

Law Abiding Citizens

Studies conducted across the world showed a significant reduction of motorists running red lights. For instance, in UK’s Essex, they reported an amazing 88% decreased of traffic violations. In New York City, a 10% lessening of red light traffic incidents was evident. It is established by these reports that red light cameras have played significant roles in maintaining law and order in streets around the world.

Various studies concur the value of a red light camera and there is strong support coming from many community groups. Due to the success of red light cameras, many cities are encouraged to install more red light cameras so that it fulfills its purpose of preventing accidents and maintaining safer roads for commuters and motorists.

With more red light cameras installed in many cities around the United States, it is the hope of authorities that there will be significant reduction of deaths and injuries from car accidents.

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