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Why fight a Speeding Ticket?

Why fight a Speeding Ticket?

Being issued a speeding ticket is worthwhile fighting which is a better decision than just paying the fine. Speeding violation is expensive as it involves not only paying the fine but points are added to your license plus an increase in the rate of insurance on your next payment. The damage may be reduced if you decide to hire a lawyer specializing on ticket violation. The lawyer has the expertise to fight the charge. With your lawyer’s arguments, the charge can be dismissed altogether or it is reduced. If however, you lost the case; your fine will stay exactly the same as if you had pleaded guilty in the first place.

What can you expect to pay if you get a Speeding Ticket?

You are expected to pay the fine from your pocket. The amount you pay will be determined by your speed in comparison to the legal limit and the number of convictions. Other payables are the NYC surcharge and if you have already reached 6 points, there will be another fee for the Driver Responsibility Assessment. The faster your speed over the limit and the number of convictions you have earned; the higher the cost of fine. Before deciding to make your plea, ask the advice of your insurance company.

Are there are any other penalties with a speeding ticket?

Other penalties are waiting for you but how is a case-to-case basis. You know that every time you are issued a speeding ticket, points are added if you lost your case. Points will vary from 3 points on your license for 1 to 10 mph over the speed limit to 11 points if you running 40 MPH over the limit. The higher the number, the nearer you are to a suspended license. The sad news is that any extra point for speeding is a tentative threat for license suspension if your points are within the last 18 months. The minute your total reaches 11 points within an 18 month period, then your license is immediately suspended.

Most drivers do not know that it is the judge’s discretion to pronounce a jail time sentence even your speed is over the 10 mph limit.

Why is it best to fight a speeding ticket?

After you are issued a ticket or citation and you send a check; it is a plea of guilty. A guilty plea means that the onus of proof rests with the prosecutor. Normal practice is to give ticket holder 45 days to decide your plea or prepare for a day in court.

An experienced traffic ticket lawyer will give you advice on proper action in facing speeding ticket problem. He or she will even arrange a plea bargain for you to reduce the points and the fine. Sometimes, you will get a stroke of good luck when the arresting officer does not appear in court or cannot remember details about the speeding violation. This is the best chance for your lawyer to either seek a dismissal of the case or get it reduced in severity of the fine.


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