Newly- elected Rep wants to get rid of D.C.’s traffic cameras

Newly- elected Rep wants to get rid of D.C.’s traffic cameras

Residents of Washington openly abhor the city’s traffic cameras that have already garnered millions dollars for state revenues from motorists who go over the speed limit. But apparently, one of the newly-elected congressmen who do not even own a vehicle in the state capital had the same sentiments.

During their Thursday session, Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat who is representing Washington, D.C. in the House issued an announcement that Bentivolio, R-Milford was looking for backers who will support his bill that would ban DC from using automated traffic enforcement systems.

Norton’s office continued that the as-yet-unintroduced legislation would prohibit the use of red light and speed cameras from Washington, D.C., even though they are used in other cities.

According to a press release coming from the office of Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., R-Mich Representative Kerry Bentivolio is in preparing to introduce the legislation that would prohibit the DC and no other jurisdiction, from using automated traffic-enforcement systems.

Norton cited statistics that there are over hundreds of jurisdictions within the 24 states using traffic cameras, and criticized Bentivolio for just focusing on the nation’s capital. Washington is often criticized by Republican initiatives for its budget or social activities due to its status under the Constitution.

It could be recalled that Rep Bentivolio has just been in Congress for barely six months, however, this bill already violated his professed support for small government and local control of local affairs, Norton said in her comment.

Many people are trying to find the motivation behind Bentivolio’s bill when the freshman congressman does not even own a car in Washington, nor has he ever received a traffic ticket since moving in DC. Although the Rep’s office has not released any further details about traffic violations but Norton continued commenting about her newest colleagues.

Norton continued that if either Representative Bentivolio or his staff were issued such a ticket, they should pay it, unless he considers that members of Congress by law are already exempt from most ticket violations here should be excused even when public safety is at risk.

A spokesperson for Bentivolio camp stated that the measure was for a protection for people’s right, not take them away.

However, Norton sees that the only rights taken away in this particular instance are those of D.C. residents. She continued that Bentivolio is targeting  out the District because he thinks he is strong enough.

Norton concluded that if Rep Bentivolio wanted to write local traffic rules, he should resign from Congress and run for local office in Michigan.

Norton is not the first delegate in congress that Bentivolio has peeved since he arrived in the Nation’s capital. Just last week, he was able to chair a House session. But after the American Samoa delegate wanted to address the chamber, Bentivolio mistakenly called the delegates place as American Somolia.

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