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DC traffic cameras issued $84.9 million in tickets

DC traffic cameras issued $84.9 million in tickets

News paper report claims that the traffic cameras in Washington, D.C., earned a whopping sum of $84.9 million from tickets issued to motorists last year.

Cameras installed at busy intersections are monitoring speed and traffic violations including failure to stop at a red light have been auto-generated more than 243,000 tickets since it was placed in 2011.

One of the most profitable cameras that keep watch over a four-lanes of traffic on a key commuter route, was able to reap $8.1 million in fines alone.

Each end of the Washington Circle tunnel has an orange warning signs; however, approximately 205 drivers each day go over the 25-mph limit and land themselves with a $50 to $100 fine.

City officials claimed that their important concern is basically for road safety, but critics said that the speed cameras served as profitable side line to feather the District’s coffers. It was noted that drivers face a fine are no added points to their license.

DC resident, Michael Burke said that it is okay for him to pay speed ticket to finance a few parades in the city, he believes that the entire budget of the city will depend on the income from speed ticket’s fines.

A Watchdog.org in neighbor from Virginia reported that there are more cities using automatic writing traffic cameras, as well as shortened the yellow-light intervals for the basic purpose of generating more revenue. A report from the Association of National Motorists said that its studies revealed no connection between the camera and safer roads.

Indeed, the NMA continued that the presence of these devices even resulted in the negative as there are more rear-end collisions happening in intersections where such cameras are installed.

There are occasions when New York Avenue ispocked with potholes, but for the District it is paved with gold since many cars are caught violating traffic infractions in this area.

This street is likely one of the most lucrative streets in the world when it comes to generating a hidden toll in traffic tickets. It ran after speeders as the red-light cameras is able to earn an average of $30,570 a day, making a total of more than $28 million since it started operating in 2011.

Although many drivers hated the use of the cameras including travelers from other area but an outstanding number of District residents revealed in a survey that they are pleased at the presence of the camera.

There are nine cameras in New York Avenue spread over about three miles between the Washington Times building and Third Street NW. These cameras have issued around 93,313 tickets and generated more than $11.8 million last year. It appeared that there are five targeting red-light violators while four go after speeders.

There are volumes of Virginia. Maryland and other states license plates recorded in he camera. It means that much of the collection of fines from speeding tickets comes from residents of other districts.

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